A more convenient alternative to seeing a dietitian.

Our dietitian-approved nutrition plans are designed specifically for you and are managed through our telehealth platform. Plus it costs up to 90% less than traditional dietitian services.

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Personalized meal plans based on your food preferences, budget, and schedule.

Reach your diet and nutritional goals with our calorie calculator, weekly meal plans, grocery lists and more.

Dietitian Approved Meal Plans

All our plans are created by vegan registered and licensed dietitians.

Plant Based Nutrition

Our team is all about delicious plant based nutrition plans and recipes for optimal health and longevity.

Custom & Individualized

Your plan is tailored to your goals, preferences, and health conditions and can be fully edited.

Nutrition Support On Demand

All our members will have continuous nutrition support and have online access to our dietitians any time.



App Features

Set Your Preferences

  • Tell us your goals, preferences, and what foods to avoid.
  • Find your favorite restaurant and prepackaged foods in our database, or upload your personal recipes
  • Make everything just right with detailed nutrition information that updates in real time

Generate Plan Instantly

Whether you decide to work with a dietitian or on your own, you'll have the ability to create and edit your meal plan whenever you want.

  • Get a weekly email with your complete grocery list and cooking instructions
  • Check your grocery list for ingredients you prefer to substitute
  • Take your grocery list to the store, or get it delivered to start right away. Shop, cook, and eat on your own schedule.

Stay On Track

Our team of nutritionists are there to help you succeed

  • Track your weight and body fat progress
  • Stay accountable with continuous support from our nutrition team
  • Keep track of your nutrient intake
  • Update any changes to the plan, follow, and repeat!

Vegan nutrition plans and coaching
with all the tools you need!

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